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Hypnotherapy CDs
You won't find a more effective hypnotherapy program to help you control your drinking than our highly customized, comprehensive system. The four-CD set starts with "Clearing" to help you overcome emotional issues in your subconscious  that may result in unhealthy habits. You then move on to "Hypnotic", a highly powerful and individualized behavior modification session. Next comes "Subliminal" and "Sleep Learning" to reinforce, with post-hypnotic cues, the fundamental changes in your drinking patterns. Our two-set and single CDs will also help enhance your efforts to achieve your goals, whether you wish to enjoy complete abstinence from alcohol or moderated drinking.
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Control Your Drinking in Social Events!
Our Price: $38.00

For those who want the ultimate in control, this recording builds upon the powerful foundation begun with the hypnotherapy system and provides added insurance against slipping. Use it as a stand-alone CD or simply listen to it in place of the CD labeled "Hypnotic" in your four-series set. Do so before attending social events--it's perfect for the holidays or other circumstances in which alcohol will be served. Especially effective when used in conjunction with anti-craving supplements such as Kudzu Rescue and L-Glutamine.
Get Motivated to Exercise!
Our Price: $57.00

Light exercise is an integral part of the My Way Out program and we now have the perfect motivator: a highly popular hypnotherapy CD from Hypnotic Tapes entitled "You Enjoy Exercise!" You'll take your recovery program to a whole new level with hypnotic and subliminal cues that get you off the couch and on your feet. Simply replace the "Hypnotic" and "Subliminal" recordings with these two powerful add-ons and prepare to get fit!
Please note: if you wish to purchase the entire four-CD exercise program ($98) or any others from Hypnotic Tapes, please visit
Turn Your Life Around with Our New Positive Mental Attitude CDs!
Our Price: $57.00

Watch what happens when you change your thoughts! According to Dr. Wayne Dyer, motivational speaker and nationally recognized leader in the field of self-improvement, when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. You are ready for positive change and it's time to see yourself as the healthy, vibrant individual you are becoming. You can overcome the greatest challenges in your life by capturing the power of your thoughts, especially when incorporating positive messages into a regular program of relaxation, visualization and hypnotherapy. Our most successful clients and customers tell us they do so and say it's a critical part of their program. Join them now! We are thrilled to introduce this wonderfully effective 2-set hypnotherapy program, which includes both "Subliminal" and "Hypnotic" recordings. It will help you meet your personal goals of living a healthier, happier new life.
Original 4-CD set
Our Price: $118.00

Here's where the exciting, life-changing program begins: in the powerful, self-administered hypnotherapy sessions. Used in conjunction with the other essential elements of the My Way Out program, this four-part system includes the "Clearing", "Hypnotic", "Subliminal", and "Sleep Learning" CDs described in the book. They will each guide you through a critical step in the healing process. You will love the positive behavioral changes this system promotes--and so effortlessly!
Total Abstinence Today 4-CD Set
Our Price: $118.00

In response to our customers! Introducing Total Abstinence Today. Incorporates all facets of My Way Out's powerful hypnotherapy program, including the "Clearing", "Hypnotic", "Subliminal" and "Sleep Learning" titles. This custom script was written specifically to help rid you of the craving for alcohol in both conscious and subconscious thinking. Whether you're beginning the program with a period of abstinence or wish to eliminate alcohol from your life completely, there's simply no better program available to help you achieve your goals. Our hypnotherapy system has proven exceptionally effective when used in conjunction with other elements of the My Way Out program.
Roberta Jewell's Favorite CD Set: For Moms Only!
Our Price: $118.00

This 4-set system includes the specific script Roberta Jewell first used--and continues to use--when she developed her program. Motivated to overcome her drinking, she used powerful positive suggestions inspired by her desire to become a better mother. This highly effective collection can be used as a stand-alone product or added to your existing 4-set CDs. BONUS: the Subliminal CD includes an overlay of relaxing, meditative music (rather than ocean sounds in the other recordings) so if you already have the original set, you're sure to love the variety!