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Ready to Jump Start Your Recovery Program? Here's How.
Join thousands of people from all over the world who have now gained control over their drinking problem using My Way Out's powerful nutritional program. Our bundled kits provide all the vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids you'll need to get started. Customized to restore, detoxify and renew your system while eliminating craving. We'll quickly put you back on the road to recovery and we'll do it in an easy to follow program. Find out why so many people love My Way Out!
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Relax Pack
Our Price: $64.95

A Booster Kit to Help Reduce the Stressors That Lead to Overdrinking
Long term maintenance is critical for lifetime of success. Our popular Relax Pack includes a mini-bundle of supplements and hypnotherapy to help keep you in check!
Six Week Starter: Regular Pack
Our Price: $129.95

Get Going With Our Highly Popular Starter Pack--Everything You Need To Begin!
Conveniently bundled together, our Starter Pack is a fabulous way to jump start your program! A customized plan of dietary supplementation gets you started on the 12-week My Way Out alcohol recovery program.

Six Week Starter: M-Pack
Our Price: $129.95

Don't like powdered supplements? We've got just the thing!
We've replaced Nutritech's ALL ONE with a high potency tablet, taken in the morning. Ideal also for those on low iron diets or sensitive to B-vitamins and magnesium. Our M-Pack gets the same great results!
Six Week Starter: Extreme Pack
Our Price: $149.95

Ramp Up Your Program with Even More Highly Effective Products!
Our Extreme Pack includes one of our most popular anti-craving supplements, L-Glutamine, and the Control Drinking in Social Events Hypnotherapy CD--all at an excellent savings to you.