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Capalo Press and Health Sciences, Inc. is an online company established to offer products supporting the My Way Out program. This innovate therapy was developed by a woman who suffered for many years with alcohol addiction. She writes about it in her self-help recovery book, My Way Out, under the pseudonym Roberta Jewell. An avid researcher, Jewell attempted to overcome her alcohol dependence for nearly two decades using a number of strategies. Nothing worked until she combined a special blend of nutritional supplements, hypnotherapy and medication. The results transformed her life and freed her of her desire to drink excessively. Jewell was initially reluctant to share her circumstances with others but news of her program slowly seeped out to those in need of help. She also began to hear from doctors, researchers, nutritionists and others who agreed the therapy had merit. That’s when she decided to write about it. Collaborators and specialists worked with Jewell in refining her program to make it available to the public. It gained immediate popularity, especially with problem drinkers—those, like Jewell, who didn’t feel they fit the stereotype of a serious alcoholic, but knew they needed help. And like Jewell, many wished to tackle their drinking problem privately, a cornerstone of the My Way Out program. Dr. Linda Garcia, MD, addiction specialist and Medical Director of My Way Out, says Jewell’s program simply follows best practices “just as we do for our patients with diabetes or hypertension. We treat the whole person comprehensively. It gives them the greatest chance of success.” Dr. Garcia says it is also one of the reasons individuals using this system benefit from a healthy change in their relationship with alcohol quickly and dramatically--and why those lifestyle changes can be lasting. Jewell’s book was first published in 2005 and once released she developed a website to offer the customized CD recordings she had created with a well respected hypnotherapist. Her book also included a number of suggested dietary supplements to be taken for the first six weeks of her 12-week program. But by 2006 many readers had begun to ask if Jewell and her colleagues could offer all the products recommended in the My Way Out program that had worked so well for her. They reported they were not always able to find the quality supplements she had used or purchase all of them in quantities to match the length of her program. As a result, Capalo Press and Health Sciences, Inc. was born. The company partnered with industry experts and leaders in nutritional supplementation. NOW Foods, Nutritech, Hyland, and other partners joined the Capalo team. As the company grew, and with it the needs of its diverse customer base, additional products were added to the line. Another important development in My Way Out history was the creation of a web-based forum. This active online community provides support, research, and information to all who visit. With over half a million hits per month, this free website offers camaraderie and fellowship to thousands of visitors each day. In 2007, the company introduced a subscription based service, offering enhanced forum features, additional layers of security, and other benefits. March 2008 marks the Third Anniversary of My Way Out. Jewell continues to play a pivotal role in the company, supporting those who adopt this exciting and cutting edge therapy. She closely monitors activity in her forum to ensure members there get the help they need. And like others who have embraced My Way Out, she continues to benefit from a program that finally eliminates the shame and stigma of alcohol addiction and replaces it with an approach that is grounded in science, nutrition, and wellness.