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  Phosphatidyl Serine + Ginkgo Biloba

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The Ultimate Brain Booster!
This remarkable supplement has been shown in clinical studies to turn the clock back by twelve years. It's the perfect nutritional therapy to enhance cognitive function for heavy drinkers or for those who wish to offset the effects of medications that may dull thinking.

Research indicates that drinking large amounts of alcohol over the years reduces brain function. Read more here. But exciting studies also show us that we can correct the ravages of disease and age associated cognitive decline with the promise of phosphatidylserine, or PS, a fat-like substance found within the membranes of brain cells. PS actually restores memory and improves thinking, even in those who suffer age-related memory loss.

In a study by Thomas Crook in the Journal of Neurology, 149 healthy men and women, ages 50 to 70, were given 100 mg. of PS or a placebo for 12 weeks. According to Dr. Crook, at the end of the study those taking the supplement showed a marked improvement in concentration and ability to recall phone numbers, find lost objects, and memorize written material. Crook said PS gave back the patients an average of 12 years in cognitive function.

PS is vital to healthy cell membranes. It also improves the bioavailability of GABA in the brain, which helps improve mood. Many double blind studies in the US and Europe have shown that PS reduces anxiety, minimizes stress hormone production, improves verbal ability, increases alpha rhythm, and helps improve sleep. Until recently, PS used was derived from cow brains but new development of a soy-based product has allowed for improved safety and optimum availability.

My Way Out's new, premium quality Phosphatidyl Serine with Ginkgo Biloba combines two powerful nutrients that work synergistically. Our PS is a naturally occurring phospholipid compound derived from soy lecithin. Ginkgo Biloba is an effective, popular herbal extract with powerful antioxidant properties, the results of which have been repeated and well documented in clinical studies. When taken daily, our 100 count, 100 mg. softgels provide a more than adequate supply to match results of the many 12-weeks studies reported worldwide. We receive fabulous feedback from our customers about this remarkable brain-stimulating supplement.

Administer under the care and counseling of a qualified health care provider. See Drug Digest for potential interactions with existing medications or supplements.

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