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Please email us after ordering if you prefer a bottle with a blank, non-affixed label.
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Today's Newest and Most Exciting Kudzu Product--and Our Number One Seller!
Our proprietary Kudzu Rescue was developed as a direct result of the now famous 2005 Harvard Medical Center/McLean Hospital study in which participants drank significantly less alcohol when given herbal kudzu extract. Unlike other products on the market, Kudzu Rescue contains levels of isoflavones similar to those used in the double blind clinical trial.

Why is that important? Because proper levels of three key chemicals: puerarin, daidzein and daidzin are critical in reducing the desire to drink.

So why are thousands of customers buying kudzu capsules or pills but still drinking just as much? Ask the researchers who conducted the study. Or read this article from the Harvard University Gazette in which they tell of assay tests they conducted on a wide variety of kudzu products beforehand. Not a single one contained even 1% of active kudzu.

That's why Capalo Research and Health Sciences, Inc. developed and now recommends Kudzu Rescue for those wanting a biologically effective supplement to tackle alcohol dependence. It contains the same levels of biologically effective isoflavones to match clinical levels, resulting in a powerful anti-craving effect. In fact, thousands of people worldwide now take Kudzu Rescue as part of the popular My Way Out alcohol recovery program.

But buyers beware: you can't necessarily trust "per milligram" dosing on many store bought or Internet kudzu products: they mean nothing if isoflavonoid levels are inadequate. With all of today's news about kudzu, many manufacturers have begun selling cheap powders and fillers with no therapeutic value.

Likewise, freshly filled capsules do not guarantee quality kudzu. Ask the manufacturer for details about isoflavone levels and herbal strength, as well as milligram levels. Used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and recognized as a botanical supplement for decreasing alcohol craving, kudzu is finally gaining its much deserved place in Western medicine as a powerful, healing, anti-craving agent.

Our Kudzu Rescue is planted and harvested under special growing conditions of Central Asia, assuring proper isoflavone levels. Serving size: as a dietary supplement, take one to three capsules three times daily with water. Each 300 mg. capsule contains kudzu root (Pueri lobata) and kudzu root extract comprised of 19% pueriarin, 4% daidzin, and 2% daidzen (minimum 25% isoflavanoids.)

Kudzu contains isoflavones, which are now being studied for many health benefits, including protection against cancer, diabetes and symptoms of menopause. For more information visit this linkIndividuals with a history of thyroid or autoimmune disease conditions should consult a health care provider before consuming large amounts of soy isoflavones. If you experience weight gain or fatigue, please discontinue kudzu therapy.

Please email us after ordering if you prefer a bottle with a blank, non-affixed label.

Please consult your health care provider when using this or any other nutritional supplement in an alcohol recovery program. See Drug Digest for potential interactions with existing medications or supplements.